“Unitarian Universalists share a religious conviction that history is a human project in which we are both the changers and the changed.”

-Rev. Richard Gilbert

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UUA Earlier this month, #UUs attended a ceremony @waynestate honoring Viola Liuzzo, civil rights martyr http://t.co/QDB7Hli01S
UUA Mark your calendar for the webinar on “Immigration Justice Stalled” on Apr. 23 hosted by @SideofLove http://t.co/nLW8SyocEI
UUA RT @saunitarians: UU church acts on income inequality. "We all do better when everyone does better" http://t.co/woje6kCkdG
UUA RT @revericcherry: Tsubaki Grand Shrine Scholarship for Unitarian Universalist Seminarians at Non-UU Theological... http://t.co/gdlf7ditJY
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If you are looking for a spiritual home here in North San Diego County, Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has a lot to offer both the heart and the mind. Start with engaging and thought provoking worship, religious education for both adults and children, opportunities for social action, and top it off with a community of caring, curious and compassionate people.

We invite you to learn more about what makes this Unitarian Universalist congregation such an important part of the lives of its members. Please join us for our Sunday service and other congregational events that appeal to you. We look forward to meeting you.

Please send your request to add or change calendar events to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson and Peace & Justice Ministry

Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 9:30 am and 11:00 am

Let’s. On this, our annual Earth Day Service, let’s be inspired by love, through joy, to commit to respond to climate change. 

Water Issues

Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 9:30 am

Susan Walker, Moderator

Fair Trade Sales

Sunday, April 19, 2015 between Services

PUUF has exceeded the Equal Exchange Red Cherry Challenge two months early! We pledged to buy 180 lbs. of coffee from July 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015. As of March 16, we had purchased 180.25 lbs. For every pound of coffee that we buy, Equal Exchange donates $.10 to the Red Cherry Fund. This fund supports innovative, farmer-led projects to confront issues such as coffee rust, unpredictable weather, and low coffee productivity in Guatemala and El Salvador. Coffee that we purchase until May 31 still counts in the challenge.

“Coffee Leaf Rust is a disease that destroys coffee cherries and eventually kills the trees. Climate change has created the conditions that allow the disease to thrive and spread. As a result, the harvest of Chajul was 80% smaller this year, meaning an 80% drop in income for the farmers and their families. Let’s work together with our farmer partners and protect the future of coffee.” From Equal Exchange Red Cherry Challenge Flier.

Question of the Month: Where do you keep the chocolate in this heat? We have moved the chocolate bars, chips and minis to a temperature-controlled setting. Also, we will be ordering chocolate for the last time until October to avoid special shipping charges for chocolate products shipped in the hotter months.

This is a social justice activity, not a fund raiser. Support small-scale organic farmers around the world. Buy fairly traded, organic coffees, teas, chocolate products and finger puppets. 

Path to Collective Madness

Sunday, April 19 2015 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm

What is de-humanization?  How can we understand this in order to work toward a more peaceful world? Dipak Gupta will address how an entire country or a large community can go mad all at once, where people can kill, rape and torture with indifference to the suffering others. Can we call this anything but "mad," a singularly vague and nonacademic term. In his lecture he attempts to understand the darkest side of human nature that has caused immense anguish throughout history.

This is a FREE EVENT! Snacks and refreshments will be served.  The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session and adult discussion. Seating is limited, so please RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call the office at 760-941-4319.

Hands of Peace 2015

July 9 - 27, 2015 in Carlsbad

"HOP has completely changed my views. I now see conflicts as human struggles, not faceless battles far from me. Peace isn't an idea, a dream anymore, it's a necessity.”

-Alyssa, (age 15) American Summer Program participant

Hands of Peace (HOP), a unique interfaith program developing peace-building and leadership skills in Israeli, Palestinian, and American teens through the power of dialogue and personal relationships, is now accepting applications for new summer program participants and enthusiastic host families.

The program will take place from July 9 - 27, 2015, at The Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad.  If you would like to learn more about Hands of Peace, please consult our website at www.handsofpeace.org.  Applications can be found on the website under the Applications tab. 

To learn more about becoming a program participant, contact Eileen Maurer at the Fellowship, or contact Scott Silk at 773-620-9731.  For more information about becoming a host family, contact Tamara Kabban-Miller at (619) 375-8538.  

World Religions Summer Day Camp

This Summer at PUUF - July 20-24, 2015

A one-week U.U. Day Camp for children entering Kindergarten through 5th Grade

9:00 am-3:00 pm

$125 per child

A $25 deposit is needed to hold your child's space. (For families willing to volunteer, there is a $25 deduction for each day of help, up to $100)

Daily Theme Activities related to each religion:   

Earth Centered Spiritualities





Unitarian Universalism

For more information please contact Kathleen Moscato at 760-521-9757 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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