“Let's keep the wind singing in both ears, and pray for the courage to interpret and act upon what it brings to us.”

-Angus H. MacLean

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The chalice was lit by Erin Sprague.

President Dick Eiden brought the meeting to order at 2:42 pm.

President Eiden appointed Pat McLaughlin as parliamentarian.

President Eiden then reviewed the agenda.

Secretary Al Cox declared that there was a Quorum with 76 members attending in person or by proxy.

Bob Kintz moved that the minutes of the 2009 congregational meeting be accepted. The motion was seconded by Per Corbeil and the motion carried unanimously.

President Dick Eiden read the state of the fellowship report.

President Elect Tamara Lowell presided over the election of officers for the 2010 fellowship year. The slate of candidates submitted included: President Elect Brenda Balmer, Secretary Jill Cochran, and Financial Director Ann Kay. The slate was elected unanimously.

Past President Brad Wiscons gave the following awards: The Art Hulbert Sustainability award was given to Susan Thayer; the Unsung Hero Award to Todd Dayton, and Nichole Fish received the young adult award. Dick Eiden gave Brad Wiscons the Service Above and Beyond the Call award.

The election was then held for the Congregational Representative to the Committee on Ministry. Hugh Lester was unanimously elected.

Seven people were then elected to the Nominating Committee. The seven were Per Corbeil, Michelle Belle, James Newton, Metje Saffir, Bobby Upson, Susan Shea, Bruce Thompson. The votes cast were cast as follows: Corbeil 77, Belle 73, Newton 73, Saffir 73, Upson 73, Shea 77, and Thompson 74.

An amendment to the bylaws to increase the term of members of the Committee on Ministry to Three years passed unanimously.

An amendment to the bylaws establishing the method of electing members to the Nominating Committee, and the method for selecting alternates passed unanimously.

Finance Director Brad Dre presented the financial report.

Dick Eiden called for a motion to accept the budget. Per Corbeil moved to accept and Barb Corbeil seconded the motion which passed by 70 ayes and one abstention.

Questions and answers were taken from the floor.

A question was on the status of the new building project. Dick Eiden responded that the Board had taken a year off to attend to pressing matters and will examine a number of alternatives in the coming year.

It was asked what UURISE and the preschool (Big Tree, Little School) would cost the fellowship. Dick Eiden indicated that UURISE would cost the fellowship nothing and would be paying rent. Answers concerning the preschool were deferred until after the meeting was adjourned.

Pat McLaughlin extinguished the chalice and thanked the outgoing Board.

The meeting stood adjourned at 2:20 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Al Cox, Secretary.

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