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Minutes of the Sunday, June 8, 2008 Meeting

Chalice Lighting

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm

Determination of Quorum

A quorum of 85 was established.

Appoint Parliamentarian

Patrick McLaughlin was appointed as parliamentarian for the meeting.

Approval of Minutes 2007 Annual Meeting

Patrick McLaughlin moved the minutes of the 2007 meeting be approved and accepted by the Congregation.  The motion was seconded by Michael Mufson.  There was no discussion.  The motion passed unanimously.

President’s Report

Daniel spoke about the successes of this year highlighting Religious Education and Music, CCAT, the Green Team, Affinity Groups and Covenant Circle achievements. He spoke of shared ministries/sevices at the Murietta congregation as well as affinity groups and covenant circles. Amazing Sunday services were created by the Sunday Services Committee and the Minister.  In his words “We have thoroughly embraced our diversity!”  He complimented the Congregation for their efforts to reduce a significant deficit due to a lost tenant and then announced that a new arrangement with rental broker has been established to find a new tenant. 

Daniel thanked the board, members and friends for their commitment and service; he thanked the staff, Janice Cook, Lisa Wellens, Caroline Celia and Kimberley Lilly for their ongoing efforts and finally extended deep gratitude to the Reverend Dr. Beth Johnson for her dedication to Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. 

Election of 2008-2009 Board Members*

Patrick asked whether there were additional nominations from the floor and none were offered.  He moved to close the nominations.  The motion was seconded by Kelley Grimes.  In the ensuing discussion Bruce Thompson asked whether appropriate to move slate by proclamation.  Patrick explained that the bylaws require a secret ballot.  All candidates were elected by a vote of 77-0.  The new 2008-09 Board Members are Dick Eiden, President Elect; Patricia Gamza, Secretary; and Brad Dre, Finance Director.  Continuing Board Members consist of Daniel Stracka, Immediate Past President and Brad Wiscons, Board President.

Recognition of Departing Board Members

The Reverend Dr. Beth Johnson and President Daniel Stracka honored outgoing Board Members Patrick McLaughlin, Immediate Past President and Dolores Gascon, Secretary for their service.

Election of Committee on Ministry Member*

David Horwitz was nominated by Betty Guerrero for this position.  David agreed to serve.   Seventy-six (76) votes were cast for David or Michael Mufson.  One ballot was voided as it indicated a vote for both David and Michael.  The final vote was Michael Mufson – 56 and David Horwitz – 19.  Michael Mufson was announced as the newest member of the Committee on Ministry.

Nominations for 2008-09 Nominating Committee

Ten members were nominated and willing to serve on the 2008-09 nominating committee.  Those nominated were Deanna Pierson, Debbie Cox, Betty Guerrero, Jean Rabenold, Lisa Johnson, Corrine Gallagher, Susan Thayer, Chris Miller, Mary Ellen Brooks and Steve Langevin.

Election of 2008-2009 Nominating Committee*

A total of 78 ballots were cast.  The resulting count of the five successful nominees follows:
Deanna Pierson - 55
Susan Thayer - 54
Chris Miller - 54
Debbie Cox - 52
Corinne Gallagher - 36

Recognition of Volunteers

Three congregational members were honored by the Board for their overwhelmingly, unflinching volunteerism to the Congregation.  Don Budd was recognized for his commitment to the Fellowship and its facilities far above and beyond what any Congregation could ask.  The hours he puts in maintaining the facility and grounds, cooking turkeys, driving shelter helpers and always being available when needed are all part of why Don is so wonderful and such a blessing to this Congregation and its Fellowship.  For these reasons, the Board recognized him with the Unsung Hero Award. 

The President’s Award was given to an individual who has been such a quiet inspiration to so many.  He has given so much to this Fellowship in terms of time, efforts, and musical gifts.  He also helped jump start the renovations fund with a generous contribution.  The Presidents’ Award was presented to David Horowitz. 

The final recognition was the Board Award.  In recognition of behind the scenes work as well as public work, always a joy, always cheerful, always answering the call for whatever needs to be done for hospitality, the Board Award was presented to Tamara Lowell.  The award recognizes all her time and efforts to create a loving and welcoming experience for members, friends and guests of the Fellowship. 


Daniel Stracka and Brad Wiscons presented on UURISE.  UURISE has taken off in the past year with the support of the Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  Brad announced that in May the Board approved a fiscal agent agreement between UURISE and PUUF.  In addition, the members of the Katrina Action Team (KAT) had asked that the balance of funds left in their Board Designated Account be redistributed to UURISE. 

Finance Report

Brad Dre presented the Finance Report.  The Finance Committee completed a number of tasks over the past year.  The Committee moved from budgeting in Excel to using the PowerChurch accounting software.  A part time bookkeeper has been brought on board to reconcile Fellowship accounts.  These changes allowed the Committee, the Board and the Congregation to better track its financial well being.  In addition, the Board Designated Accounts were segregated over the past year. 

Brad Dre presented the 2008-2009 fiscal year budget to the Congregation that is a deficit budget.  This budget reflects the true costs of maintenance and budget of the Fellowship facilities.  Employee costs are budgeted flat without any cost of living or merit increases.  A number of congregational members asked why the communications and marketing budget was so low.  Brad explained that without a committee chair, the board could not rationalize allocating a large amount to that line item.  There was a call for more formal communication investment.  Brad pointed out that under the By-laws, that the budget can be increased by 10% without full Congregation approval.  If revenues prove stronger than anticipated, the Congregation could expect to see changes made including increasing line items devoted to communications and marketing.

Budget for 2008-2009*

Congregation member Elaine de Neef made the motion that the Congregation approves the proposed FY2008-09 budget.  The motion was seconded by Debbie Cox.  The motion passed unanimously.

Building Committee Report

Bob Kintz presented the Building Committee Report, including the renovations efforts.  The bathrooms have been updated, the entire building has been painted inside, new chairs are to be purchased and delivered and a new art installation are coming soon.  The Committee is on track to commence the grading and in ground work for the new facility in the next fiscal year.  These works include laying electrical and fiber conduits, and installing plumbing and sewer lines.  

Strategic Plan*

Brenda Balmer presented the Strategic Plan.  This item was developed by a committee of Congregation members.  The purpose of the Plan is to provide the Congregation with a map.  Decisions will be made in the future by the Congregation with the first recommendations to be brought to the Congregation in September 2008.  Katia Hansen moved that the Strategic Plan be approved.  The motion was seconded by Michael Mufson.  The Strategic Plan was approved by the Congregation unanimously.

Other Business

In other business Elaine de Neef reminded the Congregation that our operations are on a cash basis.  Pledges need to be filled by June 30th.  The Reverend Beth Johnson thanked Brad Wiscons for putting together the PowerPoint presentation.

Chalice Extinguishing


Upon the extinguishing of the Chalice, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm. 

*indicates the item requires a vote.

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