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Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Annual Congregational Meeting Agenda
Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Chalice Lighting: (Reverend Beth Johnson) “Blessed are those”

Call to Order/Welcome: (Ellyn Lester) 12:55 PM Agenda Approved.

Quorum met (78 total – Quorum 44)

Presidents Message: (Ellyn Lester) …

I’d like to welcome everyone to the 2013 Congregational Meeting. I’m so happy that everyone could be here this afternoon. I know everyone is busy and it truly shows your dedication that you’re spending your precious time with us reviewing our past year and looking forward to the future.

I’d also like to spend a few minutes mentioning some key moments from the past year…In the last 12 months we completed some amazing achievements including ordaining Pat McLaughlin as a minister and sponsoring our first SALT Fellow. We also had our first Metaphysical Fair and a very successful Auction.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge the huge amount of effort that went into the planning of this year…planning that was executed, thus allowing us to overcome last year’s crisis. It is so uplifting to know that we are no longer in crisis; unfortunately we’re not completely “out of the woods.” As you’ll see in a moment, we are still just getting by….

But, before we begin discussing next year’s budget, I’d just like to personally thank each and every one of you who supported the Fellowship, especially my fellow board members, Brenda Balmer, Dave Cochran, the amazing Misty Kirkman and Ann Kay. Both of these ladies were not only on the board, doing their numerous duties, but were also chairing other committees, attending other meetings, etc. While there’s simply not enough time to acknowledge everyone who gives their time, talents and treasures to the Fellowship, I would also like to publically thank Kelly Grimes for her incredible leadership, especially as the C-CAT Chair.

I’d also like to thank each of you for allowing me to be your President over the course of the last year. I considered it an honor when I was first approached about the position and I still consider it an honor today.

Now, at this time I’d like to ask Ann Kay to come up and introduce all of you to the proposed budget for the 2013-2013 year. Ann….

Budget Presentation: (Ann Kay) Ann Acknowledged Tim Peirce for his aid in this year’s Budget presentation…

Budget Discussion:

Rachel Rott – Only one budget to vote on this year? Yes because we are no longer in crises.

Rachel Respectfully disagrees….feels to follow a demcocratic process we should have more than one budget to choose from.

Kimberly Lilley stood up to explain how an Executive board works on forming the Budget.

Kasey Cincerelli questioned about Surplus? There are still weeks left before end of year.

Michael Mufson questioned whether or not we can amend this budged offered. Katia Hanson (parliamentarian) states laws on this.

Ellyn Lester explained how ‘bottom up’ budget works.

Jan Boyson questioned about Advertising budget.

Kimberley Lilley questions if and when Auction will happen?

Mary Clare asks about Solar Power? Yes… Wade Mauer did research on various systems and found that our electric usage is not enough to pay off the expense of the Solar Power panels. Pat McLaughlin lets everyone know that due to nonprofit status we don’t qualify for SDGE benefits.

Daniel Stracka wanted to know about if there is any room in budget for stewardship?

Rachel Rott still questions about changing budget in order to be able to grow.

John Rott questions how we can grow without changing this budget to be more balanced. Take away from Music and give more to Social Justice.

Eileen Mauer speaks about Social Justice, Michelle Bell speaks about it also with Brunch and Holiday drive and Dick Eiden speaks up about how we rise to occasion when Social Justice needed.

Erin Sprague spoke up about being a young adult and how in order to grow we need more funds so how does that happen? We need to give more or find ways to be able to give more. Reverend Beth speaks to congregation on how we as a congregation are going to do this in relation to our ‘values’.

Need to add other funds such as Brunch Donations, etc. to a budget review report.

Vote to pass Budget: Brad Dre made a Motion to pass budget, Kimberly Lilly 2nd the motion. With 6 No’s and 3 abstentions’ the Motion to pass the Budget Proposed was approved.

Introduction of next year’s Board and Nominating Committee: (David Cochran)

President Elect = Misty Kirkman
Secretary = Marj Lacey
Finance Director = Tim Peirce

Nominating Committee:
Bobbie Upson
Jessica Fairchild
Lonna Leghart
Melissa “Missy” Wise
Michelleanne Bradley

There was discussion about 2 missing alternates for nominating committee and if we could nominate from floor. This was explained by Parliamentarians’ (Katia Hansen and Patrick McLaughlin) according to By-Laws and ‘Roberts Rules of Order’

Ballot Vote: 77 Votes total… (76 yes for Board/1 no for board – 75 yes Nominating Committee/2 no’s for nominating committee)

C-CAT Report: (Diana Peirce for Kelley Grimes)…
CCAT Report for 2012-2013
Written by Kelley Grimes

Dear Palomar UU Fellowship Board and Beloved Congregation,

I want to start by saying I am so sorry to miss our annual congregational meeting. I am on a business trip to New York and have asked Diana Pierce to read the CCAT report on my behalf.

It has been my privilege to serve as the coordinator of CCAT (Council of Committees, Activities and Teams) for the past two years. In that time the council has become a well-attended and vibrant meeting place for leaders of committees and groups in our community, as well as individuals wanting support to manifest an idea or project. I want to remind you all that everyone is welcome to our monthly meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month. During these meetings we share information about what our committees and groups are doing, coordinate activities, share needs, acknowledge gratitude for outstanding service and support each other in creating a fellowship of radical hospitality, mindful communication and active stewardship. We also make the day-to-day decisions needed to run the fellowship while the board creates the policies within which we operate.

This year we have added the following groups and activities to our fellowship. We started offering yoga on Fridays at 9am in the sanctuary, started the Heart Centered Women’s Entrepreneur Group that meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm and a cancer support group called Supporting One Another that meets every Sunday at 12:15. There are currently a few committees, which have few to no members and need your active stewardship. Those committees are buildings and grounds, communication and auction. I invite you to share your gifts and leadership and sign up!

I want to close by saying how grateful I am for the amazing leadership here at the fellowship! We are blessed to have leaders who are so committed, dedicated, creative and devoted to having Palomar Fellowship continue to grow and thrive. I am grateful to have served as the coordinator of CCAT and lovingly hand off the leadership to Diana Pierce. As Ann Kay always says “CCAT is where it’s at!” So please join us and be part of this dynamic group!

Awards: (David Cochran)…
Unsung UU Award: Wade Maurer
Board Appreciation Award: Jan Boyson
New Member Award: Rick Appleton
Presidents Award (presented by Ellyn Lester): Ann Kay and Misty Kirkman

Honoring the Outgoing Board: (Reverend Beth Johnson)
Brenda Balmer, Past President
Ann Kay, Finance Director

New Business from the Floor:

-Joe Smollen made a request for special funding to bring air condition to building. Was discussed and this issue will be brought to a ‘Town Hall’ meeting soon.

-A suggestion was made for a ‘Phone Tree’ to implemented so members of the Congregation that do not participate in email and the internet and keep informed.

A Motion was made to form a committee to feasibly some sort of cooling system in sanctuary and the Board will be responsible for putting together a committee for this.

Vote on Motion: With 9 No’s and 3 Abstentions’, Motion passed.

Adjournment: (Ellyn Lester) 2: 40 PM

Extinguishing chalice

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