“Let's keep the wind singing in both ears, and pray for the courage to interpret and act upon what it brings to us.”

-Angus H. MacLean

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Palomar UU Fellowship
Annual Congregational Meeting
June 3rd, 2012

Chalice Lighting - Rev. Beth Johnson read ‘Stand by this Faith’ by Olympia Brown.
Welcome: Brenda – Thanks everyone for being present and briefly goes over agenda as below.
Board Members Present: Tamara Lowell, Brenda Balmer, Ellyn Lester, Ann Kay, Daniel Martin.

The meeting was brought to order at 12:37 pm by President Brenda Balmer. Motion for approval of the June 2011 Congregation Meeting Minutes was motioned by John Rott and seconded by Kimberly Lilley. The congregation voted unanimously to accept them.

Presidents Message: Brenda Balmer - Well, this is it. This is where the rubber meets the road. It has been an amazing year. Lots of talking, lots of listening, and lots of striving to be our best selves. I want to say THANK YOU!! You did it. We did it. We will be presenting you with three budgets to choose between this year, and none of them contain staff cuts. Wow! The pledge was a great success because you stepped up. Brenda continued to comment on active stewardship amongst the fellowship, the listening campaign conducted by Rachel Rott. The resignation of Director of Religious Education (DRE), Lisa Wellens. DRE committee convened to find a replacement. Social Justice has gone cyber. The raising of $4,000.00 in plate share contributions and how continual increased pledges will keep us from cutting staff. Next year, under new president, Ellyn Lester, a commitment from all of us is needed in order to make our dreams happen. Brenda ends with “How will you manifest your dreams for the fellowship?”

Stewardship Message: John Rott  
Acknowledged all of the people who participated in the stewardship process; Pledge Drive Participates, Budget task force meetings, Pledge task force meetings. Fund raising meetings and Congregational Conversations’ in the fall. John asked the congregation to give applause.

Fund Raising Commitments Update: Kelley Grimes
The following fund raising prospects were presented for congregants to sign up to participate…Parents night out, Metaphysical Faire, Sale of Items, Annual Auction, Craft Faire, Script – shopping cards, rummage sale, talent/game gathering events, monthly classes.

Kelley discussed what money can honestly be raised?… how many people are needed to make it happen? Some of the fund raising ideas have more people signed up for than others. Kelley asked everyone to look at the options for fund raising again and please sign up if possible.

Note: Enough people signed up to make most of the suggested ideas a reality.

Budget Presentation: Ann Kay
Tim Pierce has been helping Ann Kay. Linda Hazelton (our current bookkeeper) will be taking the place of Elaine De Neef. Every Sat AM, finance staff will be here cutting checks, etc. Ann gives gratitude thanks to Elaine. Thanks also to those who do all the counting, etc. of plate share… Bill & Corinne Gallagher, Susan Walker, and Rick Appleton. Special thanks to Harry Wolcott for making sure collection plates are ready for use.

Building a New Way – Diana Pierce is working with Ann Kay on pledges and the coming and going of people, etc. There will be a quarterly budget update per Ann. There has been a 17% increase of pledges over last year. Budget choices as per listed on-Line… Started out with 6 choices… ended up with 3 budget scenarios.

2012-2013 Budget Income

Pledges - $159, 044.00
Building Use - $5,400.00
Preschool Rental - $11,800.00
Auction - $10,000.00
Other Fundraising - $2,000.00 – $8,000.00
Plate(s) - $8, 500.00

Total Income $196,744.00 – $202,744.00


Committees - $4,510.00 – $6,925.00
Ministry and staff - $82,831.00 – $85,831.00
Building and Grounds - $24,667.00 – $24,867.00 (to run status quo only – no improvements)
Stewardship (new category) - $200.00
RE - $23,395.00
Music - $25,317.00
UUA/PSWD dues -$2,000.00
Office - $33,940.00

Total Expenses 196,660 – 202,275.

Questions/Answers and Comments:

  1. If we put off building repair now it will only become more expensive later… is there anything in the budget that will allow for this? A: Brenda answered with “there are some extra monies available not listed in operating budget that could be used for this.”
  2. Can the congregation get a list of what is needed? Ann answered with we could get this information from George De Neef.
  3. Why Buildings and Grounds not included in this budget? General maintenance is included in budget per Brenda.
  4. There are things we CAN do and things we cannot… would like to know if these can be identified? Brenda answered these things were identified at the budgeting meetings.
  5. It was suggested that when things come out in telescope for meetings like this that the agenda should be printed into the telescope or have enough copies printed for everyone. Suggestion was noted.
  6. What’s included in staff? – Ann answered with “Rev. Beth’s annual dues, attending GA and Salary ($52,000 – $37,080 is housing). Rev. Beth’s salary is taxed, housing is not. Music Director, RE and Janice’s Salaries are under office.
  7. It was asked for a cleaning crew regularly on top of Janitorial help. Katia Hansen responded with we opted to go with ‘bare bones’ cleaning service. Ideally twice a week instead of once would be best but we would have to pay more monies out.
  8.  Hugh Lester understands we are going to make a choice of 3 options for a Budget. He notes that if we choose the low option will there be enough help to make this happen? It was answered with if we all pledged $1,500.00 we could make budget. Ann responded with $1,800.00 would be more like it but families count as one.
  9. Eileen Maurer stated that if pledges done per member, at $1,500.00 then a family would be $3,000.00. This would not seem realistic. Instead people are asked to pledge what they are capable of paying without affecting their family in a negative way.
  10. Missy Wise suggested – Figure out what are we comfortable with and then crunch that number.
  11. John Rott noted – what struck him most in the fellowship was the wonderful stewardship and how it brings memberships in. He suggests everyone invite others to Sunday Service.
  12. Jan Boysen was thanked for keeping archives and getting books out more often.

Vote: The three Budget choices are as follows… (can vote for one option only – option that gets the most votes wins)

  1. Low Fund Raising ($2,000)
  2. Medium Fun Raising ($5,000)
  3. High Fund Raising ($8,000)

C-CAT Report: Kelley Grimes
Kelley quoted the meaning of C-CAT, ‘Counsel of Committees, Activities and Teams’ – C-Cat works to make day to day decision makes while the Board creates vision and policies. C-CAT regularly meets with the Board President and Minister. C-CAT supports and embodies the fellowship. They meet the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. Leaders of groups are expected to be there. If a group expects funding from budget, their leaders are REQUIRED to attend. If the chair can’t come, send a rep. George De Neef was recognized for installing the flag pole. Rick Appleton has a great idea for filming elders on video. C-CAT will be starting leadership training in the fall. Janice was asked to place dates on Calendar, etc. for a year. NOTE: C-CAT for June 26th will be for Calendaring the year.

Report on Repudiate Doctrines of Discovery issue: Rev. Beth Johnson
In September of 2011, the UUA Board was asked by partner organizations with whom the UUA is working in Arizona to educate UU congregations about the Doctrine of Discovery and to ask the delegates of the 2012 General Assembly to repudiate this doctrine. We believe that the Doctrine of Discovery, as conceived in the 15th century and enforced to this day in U.S. law, is contrary to Unitarian Universalist principles, theology and values. Because of this, we recommend to our member congregations that they engage in education about the Doctrine of Discovery and we endorse the repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery by the 2012 General Assembly. We further endorse measures that will help the United States be in full compliance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, an agreement seen as reparative to the centuries of damage caused by the Doctrine of Discovery.
NOTE: Rev Beth Johnson believes GA will repudiate this.

Tallies from Budget Votes: 1) Low = 18. 2) Medium = 45. 3) High = 25 Medium Fun Raising ($5,000) gets winning vote.

Awards: Ellyn Lester
UnsungUU award goes to Dick Gaines
Board Appreciation Award goes to John & Rachel Rott
Presidents Award goes to Kelley Grimes

Honoring the Outgoing Board: Rev. Beth Johnson acknowledgement and thanks to our current Board members; Brenda Balmer, Tamara Lowell, Ellyn Lester, Ann Kay and Danny Martin.

Rev. Beth then gives thank you Gift of UU principle cards to Danny and Tamara for their service as they leave.

Ellyn Lester introduces the nominees for next year’s Board positions and Nominating Committee…

David Cochran, President Elect
Misty Kirkman, Secretary

Nominating Committee…
Brad Dre
Sally Gaines
Sharle Kinnear
Deanna Pierson
Carol Roberts
Susan Thayer

Voting Resulted in one no and one abstain, otherwise ALL nominees voted in.

Adjournment: 2 pm

Extinguishing chalice

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