“I call that church free which enters into the covenant with the ultimate source of existence. It binds together families and generations, protecting against the idolatry of any human claim to absolute truth or authority.”

-James Luther Adams

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Rites and Rituals

Like many Unitarian Universalist congregations, Palomar UU Fellowship has annual services related to holidays and UU traditions that we conduct and special services. Here is what our liturgical calendar looks like:

Ingathering Sunday - The Sunday after Labor Day. This is our welcome back from summer multigenerational service when we reaffirm our community ties and celebrate the coming year.

Rev. Beth Blessing a Cat

The Blessing of the Animals - First Sunday in October. This is a multigenerational, interspecies service when people bring their companion animals, or pictures of them, and we acknowledge the importance of animals in our lives.

Day of the Dead – The Sunday closest to November 1 honors in a roll call those who have died and our other beloved ancestors. We set up a beautiful ancestor altar with photos and mementos.

December Music and Choir Service – We begin the holiday season with a special service that reflects holiday themes.

Winter Solstice Ritual – This ritual is held on the Winter Solstice. We begin by drumming down the sun, followed by an outside ritual that brings in themes of the season held at our fire right that brings in themes of the season, and closes with a soup supper.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service – This popular late night contemplative service features special music, carols, and candle lighting.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday – A Day on Not a Day Off. This service honors the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by reminding us of our commitment to social justice. The day includes taking part in a project aimed at benefiting cause of justice in our wider community.

Spring Equinox – The Sunday closest to the equinox we hold a service reflecting on the themes of renewal and regeneration.

Flower Communion

Flower Communion – We hold this service in June, at the beginning of summer. The Flower Communion service is a Unitarian tradition in which congregants bring a flower to share reminding us of our connection to each other.

Earth Day – The Sunday closest to Earth Day is a multigenerational celebration of our home, Earth, and a reminder of our responsibilities to care for the Earth.

Celebrating the Child – One Sunday in June we celebrate our children and youth Religious Education programs and class transitions.

Special Rituals and Services:

Baby and Child Dedications – In our Unitarian Universalist tradition we welcome babies and children into our community with a service in which we commit ourselves to caring for the child. Rev. Beth works with each family to provide a customized service for their children.

New Member Recognition Ceremony – At least two times per year we recognize new members into our community with a service of covenant.